Monday, October 20, 2008

Soy Yo!

Soy = An Alternative to Cow's Milk
Soy Yo = Spanish for It's Me!

I can't say for sure if the switch to Soy Milk has helped the poop issue. I think it's a possibility since he hasn't had any explosions recently but its still not back to 100% normal.

I had to take poop samples though. Which seems to have been a total waste as I STILL haven't taken them up to the hospital. I just haven't found the time nor the energy to make the 30 minute drive, go through valet and unload the kids, walk to the lab, drop it off, go back and wait at valet, reload the kids and drive back home... all for poop.

I should just throw it away.


Noah is wanting to walk everywhere. He can't do it without holding on yet as his muscle tone is still weak and he doesn't have the balance, but Shane saw him walk down the hall way the other day holding on to the wall. He also does the crab walk since he wants so badly to stand up and then can't. It won't be long now.

He is also FINALLY learning to communicate. He doesn't have a full set of consonants or vowel sounds yet but, and I kid you not, the other day I said "Thank you, Noah" and he said "..'come" (for welcome). He also will say bye bye and wave. He signs more and says and signs all done. He is also gesturing more so I know he at least understands the things I am saying.

Such a fun stage... minus the poop.


  1. Oh! Hurrah! WE also had to do Soy Milk with our kiddos. They are both lactose intolerant and it takes a bit, but really and truly, it makes a HUGE difference for the kids poop issues!!!!!
    On to the fun stuff....I am SO glad he is being brave and taking on the world..walking...talking...that rocks!! GO NOAH!

  2. Yep, we have to deal with the soy, too, because of Joshua's allergies. He cannot stand it, so we have to do "special mixtures."

    Yay, soon they can cruise together!


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