Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Poopy Post

No pictures this time though.

I was too busy trying to clean it up... and while I don't usually gag at baby poop, I gagged with this BIG TIME!

Noah has had some horribly awful diareah lately. I think it's going on a month now. He doesn't want to eat and just wants a bottle. At first I attributed the diareah to this but now I suspect he might have C. Diff again.

This morning was the worst so far. They have been pretty bad and always leaking but this time it didn't just leak. It EXPLODED.

I smelled it a room away. Knowing how his poops have been, I ran in to find him the moment I smelled it. But I was too late. He was sitting on Lilly's bedroom floor playing with a fake cell phone. There was poop in his hair, on his arms, on his face, up his back, on his stomach, down both legs, on the inside and outside of his clothes AND on the floor. I took him into the bathroom to take his clothes off and there was still enough poop in his diaper to require scooping with several baby wipes. (This was when I gagged.) I cleaned him up as best I could with a wipe and put him in the tub.

Unfortunately, there was enough poop floaties in the water to require me to clean the tub before I could allow Lilly to take a bath.

Totally sickening.

Needless to say, Noah has a Doctor appointment tomorrow and a Cardiology appointment on Thursday. I need to figure out whats going on and get him eating again.

I'm so sick and tired of poop.


  1. NASTY!!! I'm so sorry Crystal! I hope they figure out what's wrong with him. The poor little guy must feel awful!

  2. 1st of all, I should not have read this blog while eating my cereal ... um gag me ...and 2nd I am SOOOOO sorry this happened to you. Every mom has a "poop" story that could trump someone else's. But I think, as the current tally shows, you might actually be the WINNER of the day. Poor Noah. With the runny bums- come diaper rash, and multiple random baths, and many loads of laundry, random bathroom cleanings, carpet shampooings, and even every great once in a while...a bombing to just destroy the room he/she had been in. I will keep him in my prayers, here's to hoping the poopy bums will end, and the eating better will begin!!!

  3. Thanks for not posting pictures :). I am sorry, that is so crazy. I hope the docs can help you figure out what is going on. Thinking of you and hoping for no more poop explosions!

    hugs & prayers,
    Jacob's momma

  4. I really hate when that happens. . . and I don't think I have ever had it quite that bad. I hope you just threw his clothes away and didn't try and clean them. Good luck with the doctor appointments.

  5. Some things are better left unsaid or shared. This is one of them! But I love you both anyway. :)


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