Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fifths Sucks

Noah broke out in the worst rash I have ever seen. Head to toe. I have pictures but I don't have my memory card with me at the moment.

The doctor thinks it might have been Fifth Disease. We did some blood tests and it does show his bone marrow has been suppressed more. This can complications for transplant patients because it reduces red blood cells that carry blood to the body and it also increases his chances of getting sick even more.

The Doctor said they have had another transplant kid get this virus and he had a really hard time getting over it but all in all Noah seems to be doing pretty well.

Our precious little Beckham isn't so lucky at the moment. He has a brain bleed and blood clots in his brain, juglar, and his leg (if I remember right). Please pray for him and his family. They are so precious to us and our hearts are breaking to see Beckham so sick especially after everything he has already been through.


  1. Oh man, that stinks!

    Hope he feels better soon.

    Prayers for Beckham.

  2. HI My name is Karen and I also have a son with a heart defect I googled to find other moms I can connect with and I came across your blog. Noah is such a sweet little boy, If you would like you can check out my blog. And I just love the poem, The Day I Became A Heart Mother.
    Thanks for your time Karen.


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