Sunday, November 30, 2008

A New Do

To go along with his new mood.

3 doses of antibiotic and he started eating, stopped trying to flood the house with poop, and best of all, he started laughing anf giggling again.

How quickly you forget those sounds. But once again, thanks to modern medicine and anti-buggie drugs we have the sounds of Angels in our house.

Noah also got a much needed hair cut. Don't worry if you like it long, it will be back before you know it. I'll post pics as soon as I'm online.

Oh and one more thing. To all of the followers of Noahs Adventure, thank you. Thank you for being interested in my warrior enough to want to read his story and for helping me spread the word on organ donation. Thank you so much!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

This is what Noah's rash looked like before it got worse then better. At one point, the red part covered his entire body, face, head... everything. It didn't seem to itch and Benedryl didn't help at all... but it was sad to see him look that way.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

See, I Told You

Noah loves Signing Time.

Noahs Mommy

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Am Overwhelmed Tonight!

As If my gratitude wasn't already swelling tonight... I just found out Baby Mia (see the link in my side bar as I'm on my phone and can't link) just got a heart approved. If all goes well she will be Prepped for transplant about 6 am.

Please keep her in your prayers as its a huge operation and she is very sick. But most of all, please Thank our Father in Heaven for giving her the strength to wait for this day. And a prayer for the donor family, as they say goodbye to their little one.

May they be blessed through the knowledge of the gratitude for their gift. The gift of life for Sweet Baby Mia.

Oh my heart is full.

A Reflection

June 11, 2007 Noah came into this life a very sick little boy. July
7th, 2007 he was given a second chance at life by someone I have never

I never would have imagined that a child of mine would ever need a
heart transplant. When I was pregnant I would pray that my baby would
be born healthy. The words 'Birth Defect' are almost the worst thing
you can imagine. You never feel like it will happen to you. You never
imagine your own baby will actually need a heart transplant to live.

Now that I've lived it, now that I've watched my son become a warrior
and experienced the love given to us by Noah's Donor Family and so
many others, I am honored. I am honored to be Noah's Mother. I am
honored to be a Heart Mommy. I am honored to be blessed by Organ

Most importantly though, I am grateful I am able to get to know my
baby. To hear his laughter and memorize his smile. He has made my life
better since the moment he took his first breath. And I will never
take this blessing for granted.

I hope his donor family knows that it wasn't just one life their
child's heart saved that day. By saving my son, they saved my life as
well. Not a day goes by that I don't hold Noah close and remember how
blessed we have been. I remember the sacrifice and silently thank the
mom and dad who don't have their child to hold. So I squeeze Noah a
little tighter because every moment we have is a gift.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fifths Sucks

Noah broke out in the worst rash I have ever seen. Head to toe. I have pictures but I don't have my memory card with me at the moment.

The doctor thinks it might have been Fifth Disease. We did some blood tests and it does show his bone marrow has been suppressed more. This can complications for transplant patients because it reduces red blood cells that carry blood to the body and it also increases his chances of getting sick even more.

The Doctor said they have had another transplant kid get this virus and he had a really hard time getting over it but all in all Noah seems to be doing pretty well.

Our precious little Beckham isn't so lucky at the moment. He has a brain bleed and blood clots in his brain, juglar, and his leg (if I remember right). Please pray for him and his family. They are so precious to us and our hearts are breaking to see Beckham so sick especially after everything he has already been through.

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