Monday, September 22, 2008

Great News!

Our precious friend Alan went home today!! Only two weeks and one day after he received his new heart.

Another wonderful example of answered prayers.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Simple Request

My dear family and friends,

There is a little girl out there that is in need of your prayers.

Baby Mia is so very strong but she needs her new heart to come quickly. Her mom Mimi is with her at the hospital. While her brother and sister are at home with Daddy and miss her and their mommy very much.

As many of you know from seeing our experience with Noah or maybe even from your own transplant experience, the wait for a new heart can be a long and very difficult road.

I would be so grateful if every one who reads this would please remember to shower Heaven with prayers on their behalf.

It's my prayer that Mia will be strengthened and when the time comes, her Donor Family will make the selfless decision to turn their tragedy into her miracle. I pray that Mimi and John and their other two beautiful children will feel peace and comfort and be given the strength to bear all things. That the comforter will come to them and when they feel at their most weakest, buoy them up and carry them through their trials.

**You can visit Mimi's blog to read more about Mia or check out the sweet Help Baby Mia site that their friends set up for them.**

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Few Things New

A few quick updates:

Alan is doing better. He was weened off ECMO this morning and they hope to close up his chest tomorrow. (Please keep those prayers coming)

Noah is finally over the stomach bug and the associated few days of puking. He also now has a mouth full of teeth. They all just started popping in (even the molars). He keeps sticking his fingers in my mouth to see my teeth. I wonder where he learned that from? lol

He also got his very first at home clipper hair cut yesterday. His hair was SO long and unruly. So I bought some clippers and now it's short. It looks SO cute and he kinda resembles a little Glen Beck in a way. I have pictures so as soon as I can I'll post some.

He is also crawling and pulling to stand. I put shoes on him one day and he could do his little Terminator inspired pull so he got up and crawled.

Early Intervention now comes twice a month. His therapist is awesome. Which is so good because I hated to say good bye to his former OT, Sandy. But insurance was being a total... well I will refrain from sharing how I really feel. They were just being stinkers when it came to keeping their word.

So... more to come later. All is well here on the home front though.

Please remember to pray for Alan's healing and that Mia will get her heart soon.

Much Love!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Alan Has A New Heart!

I still have no internet access, but if anything was worthy of the hassle of blogging from my phone, its this.

Our precious little friend Alan that we met on our last trip to Denver got the call this morning! He just celebrated his First Birthday and has been on the transplant waiting list for 90 days.

The call came late last night and they got the final approval about 4 am. He's been in surgery since 830 this morning and the heart arrived about 30 minutes ago.

The Doctor says its beautiful!

Please keep Alan and his family in your prayers as they embark on this new road of recovery. And also for his donor family, whose loss is more than I can imagine.

Be a hero!
Be an Organ Donor!

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