Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Letter Of Gratitude

It's been almost one year and 3 months since Noah was given the gift of life by an anonymous donor. My gratitude for this gift can not be expressed in words and I have found it difficult when trying to adequately express my feelings to his donor family.

I wrote the first draft of my thank you letter shortly after Noah received his new heart. But it's taken me this long to finally get it as close to right as I could. I wish I could have sent it sooner, but it was important for me to feel good about what I was sending.

So today, I sat down and finished it. It's now addressed to Donor Alliance and its sitting in my mailbox waiting to be picked up.

It has to be completely anonymous and if our Donor Family chooses to contact us after this they can through Donor Alliance. Then if we both want, we can receive each others contact information and have open communication. Sometimes the Donor Family or the Recipient Family doesn't want to share personal information. It's just too hard. If this ends up being the case I will understand. However, I do hope to get to know the people who gave us such a selfless gift. I would love for them to see Noah and see the joy he brings and how the legacy of their loved one lives on and will never be forgotten.

It may take several weeks, but if I hear back from Noah's Donor Family I will let you know.


  1. Oh Crystal, I'm so happy you were able to finish the letter and I'm sure it's going to mean the world to the donor family!

  2. My family, in a very small way, understands your gratitude for life. My oldest sister Jessica, whom I talked about last night. Has never been able to carry a baby full term, so after 10 years of marriage, she and her husband were blessed with a life..given to them by another. Alexis has been a gift of life for my sister and her husband, then another gift of life was given in the form of Ethan their new son, another gift of life. So though we weren't the recievers of a organ donors gift. I do understand your deep love, gratitude, and appreciation that is so large it's hard to put into words. You are a beautiful person, and Noah is a gift from God as well! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  3. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to write a letter like that. And maybe the other family needed time before they were even ready to hear about how things turned out on the other end. My guess is that this is the perfect timing of the letter.

  4. How crazy is it that we both sent our letters at the same time? Figures since we are basically the same person!

    Way to go on the letter. I know how hard it is to put on paper the words to express out gratitude. I feel dumb that it has taken me so long, but I know that I needed to wait until I was ready (just like you said).

    I am thinking about tubes as well for Beck. Gwen has them and it has made such a difference. I just hate to think of one more surgery because he has his circumcision/hydro-seal surgery soon. Let me know if Noah gets them.

    We miss you guys also. I tell Nate all the time that I wished that you were closer so that we could hang out. We just need to get rid of Nebraska and Wyoming and then Utah and Iowa could be next to each other. Who needs Nebraska and Wyoming anyway?:)

  5. I really hope that they contact you back. At the very least, I hope they get some comfort from your letter. Noah is such a wonderful little boy. I hope they realize what they have done.


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