Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pictures of Noah


  1. Love the pics! So precious! Could he be any cuter? I can't wait to meet all of you (finally).

    I talked to Beckham's doctor about his "stiff heart" (you peaked my curiosity about it) and he said that Beck still suffers some what from "left ventricle hypertrophy," but it has been getting better with each ECHO he sees. The team thinks that it was caused by the heart being out of the body and the steroids he was on at the beginning. His doctor does not seem worried about it. Has Noah's doctor noticed if his heart stiffness has been getting any better over time?

    Anyway, sorry to write you a book. I hope it helps some and I hope that you all get better soon. We are sick here also. Beck has had a fever for the last couple of days. Yuck. Hopefully it will clear up soon and won't interfere with our vacation plans. Have fun in Cali!

  2. Both pics are adorable. The second one is priceless and absolutely precious!

  3. Wow I wonder how you got such amazing pictures!! He was a DREAM and I was so glad i got to snap a few "pictures!

  4. Oh my! I love these photos...his hair is so stinkin' cute! lol!!


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