Saturday, June 28, 2008


I haven't been able to get a hold of Alison this past week so I have no idea still what the plan for Noah will be. He's still on all his meds. I think he's suppose to come off the Imuran but since no one has officially told me "Stop the Imuran" I just keep giving it to him. I also don't know what the plan is for his "stiff" heart. Hopefully I can get a hold of her before we go on vacation next week. I really would love to reduce his immune suppression before we venture out into the world. It also might help him get over this HORRIBLE cold he just can't seem to shake. The Dr told me it was allergies but our sweet dear friend Brennon is sick now after he came over with the same symptoms so it has to be a sickness and not allergies after all. If I can reduce Noah's immune suppression he just might be able to finally kick this thing in the bum.

Anyways... other than being sick, Noah is doing good. I took his to get his hair cut the other day. Unfortunately it was right at nap time and he didn't make it through the entire cut. So I paid for half a hair cut and it looks horrible. I'm going to have to fix it before we vacation. owell.

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  1. I hope Alison calls you back. That is just so odd! I love Noah's hair, half done and all! :)


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