Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Precious Moment

Today Noah did something he never does. He fell asleep in my arms cuddled against my shoulder.

He had been awake for several hours and he just refuses to nap unless he is laying down in his bed. Since I was never able to hold or rock him to sleep when he was little he won't let me do it now. But today, I guess his exhaustion over ruled his normal behavior because I turned him around and held him close and he laid down and held still. A few times he would pop his head up and look at me and I would whisper "lay down" and he would lay his head back down. He eventually fell asleep.

It was Heaven. Just pure heaven. All a mother ever wants to do his hold her baby. I remember how my heart just ached and ached to hold Noah after he was born.... that's a sad memory. But today was a very happy one. I loved just sitting there with my sleeping baby cuddled in my arms breathing on my neck.

I am very blessed.

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