Monday, April 28, 2008


I got a call this morning.

Noah's Heart Cath has been rescheduled. Only a week earlier but it's no longer on the same day we went last year.

Which is funny. Cause the thought had crossed my mind earlier that I should call and reschedule just to help set my mind at ease. But then I realized if I did that, I wouldn't be showing faith that the Lord is guiding and directing things and blessing Noah just as he has from the beginning. So I never called.

And now... the date has been changed on it's own. It's almost as if the Lord was just testing my faith. I doubt that's what it was. Because it really is no big deal what day we go back. But I still found it interesting.


  1. Praise God, isn't the way He works in little things just as amazing as the way He works in the big things in life.

  2. Oh good. I'm so glad you don't have to go back on the same day.

  3. What a blessing. I am sure you would have done great on either date but this is so much better. I am glad that you get to go back to Denver and see everyone. It is such a great experience to go back to the PICU as a visitor!!

  4. Crystal,
    Just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and Noah.

    Heart Hugs,
    Carolyn Quigley

  5. I can not believe he is almost a year old. My what a year can bring to so many lives. I am glad you do not have to go back on the same day. My mother-in-law has a theory that if you don't change what you are doing, how can you expect a change in what happens (quite honestly she is referring to my husband and I having babies in October and having them born with severe anomalies but I think it can be applied to other aspects of life too!)Anyways, lots and lots of heart hugs you way!


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