Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today's Clinic Visit

Noah had his Transplant Clinic Visit today.

He is such a GREAT patient. He never cries during his blood draws. But he ALWAYS licks the Echo wand. Crazy kid!

His Echo looked fine as did his EKG. Only things that concern me are his weight. As he hasn't gained any in the last month. In fact, he has lost part of an ounce. Yet, he eats a TON and still doesn't get much exercise. And his Cyclo level was low (60 down from 90) so we have to increase his dose from .35 mls to .37 mls. Which means another blood draw next week. I just hate it when his level is off and we have to mess with his all the time. I like it to stay nice and steady.

His next appointment is in 5 weeks, then in June we go to Denver. Dr. Everett has gone on maternity leave so I'm not quite sure when she will be back. Hopefully in July when we come for that appointment.

We did get to see Monica and Mackenzie today. Poor little Mackenzie broke her elbow falling off a chair. That sweet little girl. It's so sad to see her in a cast but she sure did look cute!

We also saw Kaidence but only from a distance (she is VERY popular at the hospital so it's hard to talk with her and her mom). She looked great though. So I hope that means she is doing good.

Noah has also started sitting up about a week and a half ago. That was a real fun milestone. His OT therapist is just wonderful and works real hard with him every week.

So, things are good. Thanks as always for your prayers and best wishes. We love you all.

Much Love,


  1. Glad to hear that Noah's check-up went well. He sounds like quite a trooper, Braeden starts crying before the doctor even touchs him :) Praying for weight gain(We know what a battle that can be)

    ~Stephanie(mommy to Braeden HLHS)

  2. Hey, I would have loved seeing you on Thursday. It was a little crazy to say the least. Sounds like everything is going well with Little Noah. Yeah!!!!! Let's do get together sometime. That would be great and work out well since we are most likely germ freaks.

    With Hope and Love,
    Shauntelle and Kaidence


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