Friday, February 8, 2008

Todays Hospital Visit

Today Noah went to see Dr. Samson-Fang for his next Synagis shot. The shot part was easy. Of course he cried a little. But I think it was more from having to be held down than the actual shot because as soon as I picked him up, he stopped crying. (He doesn't like to be manipulated...just like his mom.)

What was interesting was what happened before the shots. Noah had been sleeping in his car seat when we got there. The time came to weigh him so I went to get him out and could tell he had pooped. Very stinking. So I pick him up and hold him upright against me so I can lay him down on the counter. As I lay him down I see yucky poopy diareah all over his leg and the only onesie that I brought. Then I look down and there was poop all over my boob. On my shirt of course. But it wasn't just a smear. There was actually a good deal of poop on me that had to be scooped off. It was VERY nasty. So I cleaned it up but then I was too stinking to wear it so I took it off and just wore my jacket as a shirt. Unfortunately, Noah had to wear his stinky onesie home but I did try to clean it up as much as I could.

The next turn of events might end us back in the hospital tomorrow. When the Dr. was doing his physical, he started crying when she pushed on his liver. Normally this doesn't bother him at all. The only time it has ever hurt him was when he had a blockage due to his gallstones. So her hypothosis was it could either be a missed GallStone, a random Virus thats in his liver, or a backup of fluid from his heart and lungs (He had this before he received his transplant since the Aorta was too small to push all the blood out so it backed up into his lungs and liver). So that just gave me a HORRIBLE thought.... I was told in Denver that Noah had a CoArct (a narrowing of his Aortic Arch near where the new heart was sewed to his exsisting Aorta). *remember the scary I hate the Cath lab post? But lately PCMC hasn't been checking it because the way they do their echo's they couldn't show a significant Coarch so they stopped looking for one. But if he does have one and it's getting worse, it could cause the fuild to back up and flood his lungs and liver and lead to heart failure..... Oh... gonna need a zanax tonight.

Anyways... It's probably nothing, but I have to call Cardiolody tomorrow to see if they want to see him right away or if it can wait till our schedule appointment on Thursday. Either way we will be checking his liver function labs.

Oh... one last thing. He was upset earlier because he was tired and I had to wake him up for meds... and as he cried I saw two little teeth trying to pop through. They seem to come and go since the Neoral thickens his gums and makes it harder to teeth. So maybe they will pop through this time... or maybe we'll have to wait.


  1. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully it is something that they can treat or watch. Good Luck.

  2. Oh Crystal, I'm so sorry you had such a rough day! I hope all the tests come back normal and Noah is okay! You CALL me if you need anything at all! :)


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