Friday, February 8, 2008

Waiting for Monday

I Spoke with Emily (the Transplant Coordinator) this morning and after she discussed with Dr. Everitte. They decided that if Noah looked or acted sick then I would need to bring him in today. But since he seemed ok, we are going to switch are weekly appointment from Thursday to Monday. Then we can check his med level, check his liver function, and get his echo and EKG.

I really hope it's nothing, but it sure can be unnerving. But I guess this is just the road of a transplant. Every little cold can be something bigger, every infection can lead to rejection, and every unexplained pain could be a result of heart function. I assume with time I won't get SO worked up about it because we'll have many "false alarms" under our belts but for now, it's always a bit scary.

I'll definately post an update as soon as I know what they say. But I don't think we'll have lab results back until Monday evening or even possibly Tuesday.


  1. Oh Crys, please let us know what is going on.

    And, sorry, I HAD to laugh over your poopy shirt. That'll teach me to always bring my coat with me! :)

  2. We'll pray things are okay with Noah!


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