Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The New Design

It took me a while to change my mind but I decided that I wanted a new look for Noah's Adventure. This new look is very symbolic of how things have changed since when the blog began.

I started this blog at the beginning of June. Before Noah was even born. Back when we had no idea what the future had in store for us.

I feel like we have come such a long way. I remember anticipating Noah's arrival with great excitement. I couldn't wait for him to join our family. When he was born my Joy was overwhelming. But then it was clouded by a pain I had wished I would never have to endure.

The days following were very hard as we struggled watching Noah suffer. As we watched random and rare set backs hinder his progress. But the days brightened as Noah improved.

And here we find ourself back to our regular life. It's different that we thought it would be with Noah's limitations and all his Dr visits. But I wouldn't change it for the world.

But in honor of Noah's progress, I thought it was time to update and change his website.

I hope you enjoy it and continue to stop by and check on his progress. I find great support through blogging and all the kind and support comments that everyone posts. So THANK YOU!


  1. Love the new look on both of your blogs!!! I need to be as creative as you and make mine look cute! It will happen someday :)

  2. Oh I like this one too!! Oh I want one. Now I am Jealous. I might have respite but you ahve a cooler blog :(

    Nancy and Tyler

  3. I love, love the new page. One'll have to teach me. I hate mine.

  4. I love it! These photos of Noah are just scrumptious...If I were near I would be over there squeezing him all the time! lol! Are you going to make a button?? If you're not, do you mind if I do??

  5. Hey, I understand. We did a new blog page for Kaidence to represent a happy, new and fresh begining. Best of Luck!!!

    With Hope and Love,
    Kaidence's Mommy

  6. I like the new blog it's really cool

  7. It's gorgeous!!
    I love them both.
    And I'm glad to see he is doing better!


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