Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Unknown

I got a call this morning from the on-call transplant coordinator. It seems Noah is still really sick and when they checked his red blood cell count today it was extremely low. They needed to give him a transfusion and needed my authorization.

The situation is very confusing. All of his symptoms could be two things: Infection or Rejection, Messed up fluid levels and Electrolytes or Rejection. So if the changes they make today (transfusion, another diuretic and some Magnesium) don't make a big enough different by tomorrow, they are going to start treatment for Rejection.

He keeps having PVCs (premature ventricle compressions) also known as an early heart beat but his echo's still look good. But like I mentioned earlier, something still doesn't feel right. I don't want him to have Rejection, but I won't be surprised if the infection has caused some. BUT, even if he is rejecting a bit, at least we will be able to treat it before his heart function has suffered.

It's sad though, he still looks so sick. I went in to see him again this afternoon and he was wide awake just looking at the blood transfusion tube. For some reason, he was really interested by it. AND he smiled at me.... I remember when Lilly was born and she had such TERRIBLE reflux. I had been up all night (for WEEKS) and I was so tired. Shane had just left for work and then Lilly threw up all over me. I was so exhausted, I just started to cry. Then I looked at her and she looked at me and smiled. And suddenly, I wasn't so tired anymore and everything was better. It's funny how that works, isn't is?

But.. the good news? Even if Noah has to be treated for Rejection and all goes well, he won't have to stay in the hospital any longer than he was going to have to for the antibiotic. So, there is a chance he will be released next Thursday. Just in time for Shane's visit.

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