Friday, July 27, 2007


Noah gets ready to leave the Hospital for the first time. Even if it was a little too soon.

This is Noah in the stroller helping Lilly celebrate her birthday.

This is Lilly at the Denver Zoo. It was hot and muggy but she had fun.

And the ever anticipated 2 year birthday!


  1. We'll see if this comment actually comes through. . . *shrug* I love all the pictures! You sure have a sweet little baby there! The picture of Lilly with her new Buzz Lightyear cracked me up especially since it had her name written on the bottom of his foot. How cute! Thanks for continuing to post updates on Noah and we're continuing to pray for him as well as for you, Shane and Lilly! We miss you all!

  2. That is one Party I wish I could have been at! :(
    I love each of you and desperatly miss you all.

  3. What great fun!! You have two bee-yoo-ti-ful children there!!

  4. Looking at those pictures of Noah... LOVE the outfit... Hard to believe they were all that little!!


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