Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Hard Days Night

Little Noah's blood transfusion did not go so well.
He had some sort of reaction to the blood and it caused him to swell like a balloon and turn as red as a tomato. The Benedryl they gave him isn't working as well as I would hope either. My poor little man. He is so uncomfortable and grouchy. I'm here at the hospital right now holding him and he's doing ok for the moment but I have to leave to put Lilly to bed and I just know he's going to have a hard time tonight.
To make it even harder to leave, tonight his nurse is Ben. Last time he had Ben, I was told: 'I have other sick patients so I will try to check on him as much as I can but to be honest it won't be much.' So I'm sure you can imagine how well that sat with me. At least that was when Shane was here and he spent most of the night with him.
I sure hope this doesn't prevent them from making a good decision on treating the possible rejection. I just feel so bad for Noah. Almost 2 months old and he's never been healthy. If he could even feel good for one day!! Poor little thing... I just love him to pieces.


  1. Crys...I will fast for Noah tomorrow. If you want to tell your family, we could make it a family fast. You are so strong...Noah is very lucky to have you as his mom. I wish I was there so I could help.

  2. Crystal, I am amazed at your strength and continued faith!! You are such an great example to me! Noah and Lilly couldn't ask for a better mommy. We're continuing to pray for your sweet lil guy and pray that it's infection and clears up quickly! We want him to be able to come to the RMH when Shane comes again. :)
    I'm having issues getting it to let me post under gtjtkt, so it's gonna be anonymous! Love, Jen

  3. I wish I could just hug you and sit in that chair next to you. We have been there and watched and it is so hard to see them suffer and be in such pain. Noah is a fighter. We seem to have ALOT of them. I hope the nurse understands that Noah needs some love!! We are praying for you and hope to hear a happy update SOON!!

    We love you tons crys!!

    D, Nancy and T

  4. People should read this.


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