Tuesday, July 31, 2007

An Interesting Thought

I had an interesting thought this evening but to understand where it came from I need to give you a little back ground.
When I was 17, I was in a bad car accident (a Jeep rollover). I was in the back seat and as we skidded upside down, my foot got stuck under the roll bar and road rashed the top of my foot off. The injury was so bad, the EMTs that responded to my accident decided to life flight me to the hospital. Once I got to there, they realized I had a brain injury. A blood clot was forming and growing bigger by the moment. I was rushed into surgery to remove it. The Dr's said that I would have been dead within 10 minutes if they hadn't gotten it out when they did.

If it wasn't for my foot being damaged I would have died because my brain injury wouldn't have been caught in time. So while it was a very terrible thing, it turned out to be a huge blessing. (Which I think about every time I look at my scarred foot.)

Now for my thought:

I have thought that Noah was having some rejection for about a week now. The Dr's weren't quite ready for that conclusion and hadn't decided to treat yet. But something just told me that rejection was part of what was going on.

Then this bad allergic reaction to the transfusion happened and he got VERY sick. Much sicker than he had been. The treatment for it? Steroids. The same treatment they use for Rejection.

So while this reaction was terrible and made him really sick, maybe it was a blessing in disguise because it forced them to treat the Rejection they couldn't confirm was there.


I know my Heavenly Father is very mindful of us. I learned first hand of His love for his children after my car accident. And I am learning it all over again watching Noah. I know He hears our prayers and that they make all the difference in the world. While watching my son suffer is the most unbearable burden I have ever been called to bear I do find comfort in knowing Heavenly Father is blessing Noah and supporting us as we walk this road with him. I know I don't have the strength to do this on my own. But He has given me the strength I need. And for that I will be eternally grateful.

This has always been my favorite "Mormonad" (Inspirational posters created by the LDS Church). It was on my bedroom wall for years and my Mom brought it to the hospital and hung it in my room after my car accident. I think about it often as I lay in bed here in Denver. And even though I only see it when I close my eyes, it still brings me comfort.

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  1. I love how God works things out like this!! Our "mom instincts" are real too...and I believe that when we are feeling those, it's the Holy Spirit guiding us. There were several times that I thought Gus needed different treatment and I would mention it only to be given a reason why it wouldn't work...then later on in the week the docs would have to start the treatment. I told my husband that I would never ever step down again from something I felt so strongly about...it's hard though because I don't have a degree! lol!!

    Anyway...I'm pleased to see little Noah's eyes and I'm pleased to hear about his progress. You are a super mom and super advocate and you just remember that!!


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