Sunday, July 29, 2007


Noah is back in the ICU on a ventilator. They are keeping him very sedated at the moment as they are trying to get an art line then tomorrow they will do another PICC (on top of the 2 IVs he currently has).
They believe the blood transfusion he received caused him to develope TRALI : Transfusion Related Acute Lung Injury. I'm typing this on my phone so I can't link to any information on it but if you Google ''TRALI'' it brings up lots of info on it.
Right now he' covered in hives on the inside and the outside. Benedryl doesn't help and they started Steriod treatment which will also treat the rejection they now believe he's been having (sometimes a mom just knows). The steriods are also causing high blood sugar so they have to give him insulin on top of all the other drugs.
He's in criticle condition and is super super sick. Infection, Rejection, Fluid imbalance, and now TRALI.
This feels like it did the day before he got his heart. When he was really sick and we didn't know when he would get a heart and if it would be in time... Feels more like a sick road instead of a recovery road. But Noah is strong. He's proven time after time that he can beat the odds and pull through. He's my hero. And if he can be strong, then so can I.


  1. I keep checking for updates.. I feel like a stalker today. Please let us know. Man .. God must know something we don't. What a trooper.

  2. You have one strong little man there! I'm so glad they've gotten him on the vent and hope to see some improvement soon then. You're such a example of strength and faith! He has the best mommy ever!! Love, Jen

  3. My whole family is with you and we all keep close tabs on your posts. We are all praying to give you all strength and let you know you are loved. You are all so very strong. We are all pulling for all of you. All of our love the Terry Family

  4. Dear Crystal,Shane,Lilly and Noah,

    Just want you to know that we are and have been praying fervently for baby Noah and all of you. You have been such examples of faith and love to all of us. Someday, when we are privileged to hold and cuddle Noah, we will give added thanks for his life. He must be a destined for great things in the future and is already giving us all a great lesson of faith and strength. We are in awe of your continued good outlook. Yes, he is strong and so are you. We love you lots. Aunt Marily & Uncle Bill

  5. Just wanted you to know that I've e-mailed all of the Gus' Gang prayer warriors and we are storming Heaven for your little Noah. Ventilators are so scary but being on one can be sooooo good! Letting the vent do the work will allow Noah to rest and we all know how good rest is...keep positive and keep trusting the Lord! I can't wait to see how the Lord is going to use your little hero!!! I'll be stalking like Nancy!!

  6. Crystal,
    I just got the whole update of Noah. What a fighter he is, and what a spirit he has. I felt it the second I was with him. Our prayers are with you. Can we come visit you and Lilly? Can I take Lilly for a bit? Let me know!

  7. My prayers are going up for Noah and your entire family. Stay strong.

  8. Poor little Noah. He has been though so much. He is in my prayers.

  9. My prayers are with Noah... what a strong and beautiful little man you have there. I absolutely will keep him and your family in my prayers. Please update when you can... I will be checking all the time.

    - Audrey
    Pinks & Blues Girls


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