Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I don't just believe that Prayer helps. I know it does. I know that our Heavenly Father wants to bless us but there are times when we have to ask for those blessings or have someone ask for us. He is waiting, wanting to give us these blessings and all we need to do it ask and then we receive.

One Friday night, a couple in my ward decided to go out on a date. As they left their neighborhood and were driving to dinner, they got stuck in traffic. As they inched their way forward, they realized there was a car accident that was causing the back up. As they passed the accident, they were both impressed upon by the Spirit that the people involved needed someone to pray for them. So they turned their car around and went back home. They gathered their family together and knelt down and offered a prayer for those involved even though they had no idea who it was.

I was the person in that car accident. I was the one who was dying. But Heavenly Father knew I needed blessing, so he inspired someone he knew was listening to pray for me. And because they did, He was able to give me the blessings I so desperately needed. I nearly died that night but I made a full recovery. I know without a shadow of a doubt it was because of the many prayers and priesthood blessings I received that I am still here today.

I also know that Noah has made it this far because of all the prayers that have been offered on his behalf. Because I have such a testimony of prayer, I can't even begin to express my gratitude for every single prayer YOU have offered in his name. It is because of you and a Heavenly Father who listens that my baby is still here, fighting his fight. So Thank you! From the bottom of my heart. And please don't stop. He still needs us to storm Heaven for him so he can get better.

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