Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Health Update

Noah's recent blood tests revealed he does NOT have Celiac or CMV. YAY! We still have to do his stool sample and a follow up panel in 6 weeks but we are that much closer to solving the mystery of Noah's chronic diarrhea.

But it has been confirmed that he does NOT manage his body temp. He doesn't seem to have a hard time making heat (and staying warm in cold temps) but he can't get rid of heat. This causes his internal body temp to raise when he is in hot temps. For example, he was outside in the shade just walking around, nothing strenuous, when it was about 85* outside. After an hour, he seemed really warm and when I checked his temp it was 100*. Normally he is about 97* when playing inside.

So we have to do more tests and possibly see a Neurologist to figure out what the cause of this might be. He will also need to have restrictions on how long he can be outside or in hot conditions. I also need to get him a cooling blanket and other tools to help keep him cold.

If you have any idea where I can get a medical cooling blanket please let me know. My initial searches online have not been fruitful.



  1. Oh wow! Glad the other two have been ruled out but yikes on the temp thing. Hope they can get it all sorted out because I am sure that has to be a little stressful for you! Praying!!

  2. That is great news!!! What is funny is I am waiting to hear back to see if I have CMV!!! That makes me chuckle!

  3. Thatch has the same problem. Every once in a while I have to give him ice to chew on at the Track meets and soccer games that we are attending. He also has had chonic bowels and I have started giving him a Prevacid about every 2 days. Keeps the acid down (as long as he doesnt eat watermelon o strawberries, he does pretty well.) He has a rough time getting warm in the cold weather as well. Difficult to maintain when he is tired or overworked. Love you!

  4. I hadn't seen this update but Tyler can't regulate his temperature either. He also doesn't sweat. When he is outside he turns red like Noah and he can't cool himself down. He doesn't have "solid" poop either. He never has. Part of the reason we can't get him to go to the toilet is because it isn't solid. There is no pushing for him.

    We have to keep the house a certain temp and we get to watch him outside. We worry that the temp won't be able to come down and he will have a seizure.


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