Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Knock Knock

Noah's new speech therapy over at the Scottish Rite has been going great! I have been incredibly impressed and I even went it with high expectations. His therapist, Helen, has helped Noah make "talking" fun. He's playing along and trying very hard.

Today he knocked my socks off. Our small exchange went something like this:

Noah: Ma Ma Ma Ma!!

Me: Yeah, Noah?

Noah: Nah Nah (Knock Knock- as he pretended to knock on a door)

Me: (after I overcame the initial shock) Who's there?

Noah: Ta

Me: Ta who?

Noah: Ta Da!! (and he burst out laughing)

He went on to tell me many more made up Knock Knock jokes that he has picked up from Lilly over the past few days. Man, did my heart swell about four times its size.

He didn't say any complete words but he did say knock knock two times in a row (which is a big deal for him) and it was a coherant exchange that made sense and that I could understand. Such a very big deal.

So we spent the rest of the day calling Daddy and Nanny and telling them jokes... which Noah thought was so funny and which made me so very proud.



  1. That just made my day and made me smile! I love my little Noah man.

  2. My favorite knock knock joke that he told was the Ta Da one! Very smart of him to make that one up by himself! He must take after his Grandma Brown. :)

  3. Awww how lovely, I loved it when lil man grasped the concept of telling jokes for the first time.


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