Friday, July 18, 2008

Making Progress

My insurance company is giving me a major headache right now.

They told me that since we do Noah's OT and PT (Occupational and Physical Therapy) through Home Health, that I wouldn't have a copay.

Now they are telling me I do... including having to back pay all the past visit.

$30 a visit x 2 times a week x every week since last November = sickness in the pit of my stomach.

So while I try and get things worked out, I had to cancel his current appointments. I'm going to try and get him signed up for Early Intervention but even that costs us money.

In the mean time, we have all been working very diligently with him and he is making good progress. It seems he has reached a developmental breakthrough recently. He's learning to pull himself up and scoot his knees under him. He seems SO close to really crawling on all fours and not just dragging his belly. He's learning to communicate much better. He doesn't talk really well, but I've learned to decipher Dada, Babaa, Mama, Ball, and signing All Done. Even the look in his eyes seems a bit more aware.

It's so fun and wonderful to see things "click" and the light turn on. He gets SO excited. It just thrills me.

Insurance, on the other hand, Not so much.


  1. I was googling TRALI and found a link to your blog. I have been reading it for hours now. My best friend is in ICU right now on a ventilator because of a reaction to receiving plasma. Could you please share any information with me that you might have about TRALI including Noah's personal history and how he handled the reaction? I would greatly appreciate any information that you could share with me. My email is Thank you and happy belated birthday to Noah!

  2. Crystal,

    I found your site in a very round about way, oh the world of blogging:-)
    I have a little boy, Noah who has Down syndrome and came to us by way of the great gift of adoption. He had heart surgery at Denver's Childrens Hospital. I am concerned about the fact that you said Early Intervention would cost money, why?

  3. Yes the insurance thing, we were told the same thing, that all home visits would be paid 100% but then they tried to get us to pay our copays later(6 months) and we told them that we were told that if she went to the doctors office then we would have to pay for the was kinda a fight but we didn't end up paying a dime! I know that things happen but why do they need to wait so long before they tell you about the bills you supposedly owe them. I'll never understand them!

    Mike & Family

  4. I have been checking out your site, what an ADORABLE little guy. Our daughter Macie had a heart transplant at 4mo of age. Insurance, yuck it did get better after the first year. But you still have to fight. Ask and see if the insurance co. will appoint a case worker, they seem to be more caring. Early Intervention, yes it cost us too ($200 a month), ask for 3mo evual's there free in our state (IL). I work for a large special education coop under a parential training grant Birth to 3, you might call your regional office of education our services are free! Good luck! Your blogs are so inspiring!

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