Monday, July 14, 2008


Today, my sweet precious boy finally said... Mama!!


  1. Crystal,
    What a thrill to hear that little voice identify you. Nothing is sweeter. We are happy all is well and we hear Shane is doing well after his ordeal, as well.
    You have had quite a year, but now you can look forward to a calmer and exciting year to come.
    Love, Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Bill

  2. YEAH!!! There is nothing better than hearing that for the first time. Good job Noah!!

  3. Crystal,

    I was directed to your blog from Marina.

    How wonderful that someone did care, especially in the midst of their pain, to donate the heart for Noah! And, no rejection!

    Noah is such a darling little boy. I'm thankful today that God still heals and so thankful he takes care of us and the ones we love!

    I pray for years of great health and happiness for Noah and your family.



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