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Healed In Heaven

Healed In Heaven

Tadhg Michael Kilgore
October 12th 2007 - January 9th 2008

Shortly after Tadhg was born, he was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). He was placed on the Nation Transplant Waiting List on November 5th, 2007. Unfortunately, and with much sadness, Tadhg new heart never came. He passed away in the arms of his loving Mother and Father the evening of January 9th.
I came to know of Tadhg and his family through my new dear friend (and cousin) Kim Scadlock (Beckham's Mother). We both had so much in common with Michelle, Tadhg's Mom, that my heart was instantly open to them. I found myself checking Tadgh Blog every day hoping and praying that their miracle would come. For some reason, it never did.
This brings back so much pain and heart ache in remembrance of the other babies we came to know and love in Denver who also passed away. However, in tribute to Tadhg, his Uncle wrote a beautiful poem for him about how it isn't a story cut short. Just because the story wasn't a novel doesn't mean it wasn't finished. It is so beautiful and touching. And for me, it not only calmed my heart in Tadhg's passing, but also for Onyx and Vinney and all our other Angel Babies.
One thing this event has brought forth to my mind (and heart) even more than it already was, is the oh so important need of becoming an Organ Donor. When your time on this earth is over, "Don't take your organs to Heaven! Heaven knows we need them here!" It breaks my heart to think of all the babies, and sons and daughters, and mothers and fathers, who pass away because their miracle never comes. There are so many myths about Organ Donation. Just because you have opted to donate does NOT mean that your doctors are not going to try absolutely everything they can to save you. But it does mean that if you die, your death can have purpose and meaning, and your tragedy will become someone else's miracle. Your legacy will live on in those who YOU saved.
Poor little Tadhg couldn't wait any longer and went back home to Heavenly Father. He has now been healed. As his Uncle says... His story continues.
Please choose to Donate Life!
Don't take your organs to Heaven, Heaven knows we need them here!
As for me.... I want to be remembered for the Life I Gave as well as the life I lived.
And I will always wear green in honor of the donor who saved my sons life. Thank you with all my heart to our precious Donor Family.
Please visit Tadhg's website to read the beautiful tribute his uncle wrote.


  1. This story breaks my heart. I read it yesterday on baby Beckham's website. My heart and prayers go out to the family! What a darling little baby.

  2. This family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Oh Crystal...thanks for sharing this. You've written a wonderful post and I thank you for reminding people about organ donation. As I approach Gus' birthday, I can't help but dream about how things would be if he had gotten his transplant! I do know, however, that he is well and that I will one day see him...and that sustains me! thanks again, friend!

  4. Thanks Crystal for spreading the word about our Tadhg. Our family is doing pretty good. I feel like I have been greiving for the last 3 months and feel at peace that Tadhg is no longer suffering. Thanks, also, for encouraging others to become organ donors. We plan on doing many things to remember Tadhg and honor his memory. And we hope to retell his story many times as a hope to get others to support organ donation.


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