Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Great Start!

It has been a Great Start to what will be a Great Year!

Noah has been doing wonderfully! He continues to eat more and he is always happy! Tomorrow is our last weekly transplant clinic. As long as everything continues to look great, we get to switch to every other week. And I am very excited about this. It means he is making progress and his heart is doing good. And now that he has healed from his Gallbladder surgery, his OT and PT will be starting again. So I expect to see him rolling over and maybe even crawling very very soon!

And when I do, I promise you WON'T have to wait for pictures!

I also had a wonderful insight to start this year off. As many of you know from reading my posts, Shane and I have had a hard time coming back to PCMC after Noah had such great care at TCH Denver. You see, the Lord confirmed to us that we were to be in Denver. We knew we were where we were suppose to be so we had faith in the treatment he was receiving and in the Doctors who were treating him. Coming back to Salt Lake was difficult because we didn't have that trust anymore. I kept thinking that they would need to prove their competency and earn my respect and trust. This kept me pulled between places. PCMC and TCH. Who do I trust? Who do I listen to? Where do I go for advice? You can imagine the stress and unrest this caused me.

Well... I realized that I was having a difficult time with everything because I wasn't trusting the Lord to continue to guide Noah's care and provide for him. I never questioned it in Denver because I knew he had sent us there. But what I've realized now is that we are still where we need to be. I know that Heavenly Father wanted us to buy this house and live where we are now. I know Primary Childrens is a wonderful Hospital. And I now know (remember) that the Lord continues to provide for Noah and continues to guide his care. I know I can trust the Doctors and Nurses at PCMC to take good care of Noah because the Lord is with us and showing is the path.

What comfort this has given me. What a huge relief it is to be reminded of my Faith. It's kind of funny how it's almost easier to have faith when times are tougher. But I am thankful for the reminder and the relief it has given me. I know that regardless of which Doctors are taking care of Noah, he is in God's hands. Just has he has been from the beginning. And yet, we have been VERY blessed to have such wonderful Doctors, both in Denver and here in Salt Lake.

Much Love,

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  1. I'm so glad that you are now comfortable with his care. That makes things so much easier on you. Peace of mind is priceless.


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