Thursday, January 24, 2008

Got Suction?

Yesterday morning Noah's Dr came to see him and she asked me how I felt about going home tomorrow? My response? "How about today with a suction machine?" She said OK! YES!

So they ordered us a suction machine and we got to go home. Problem? Well, the wonderful *sarcasm* home health care provider that said they would be bringing us a suction machine, called me later that night and said they wouldn't be sending one after all because they didn't have one. My two options would be to try waiting it out or going back to the hospital and be readmitted. (For $250 mind you!) I was NOT happy. Then the guy asked me if I had given a bulb syringe a try.....

Yes, I ALMOST reached through the phone to slap him.

Now, I was nice and even understanding but I was NOT happy.

Anyways, I begged that they would bring me one as soon as they could and put us at the top of the delivery list. And they did. We got our suction machine around noon this morning. I was shocked! Absolutely shocked at how much junk I was able to get out of his nose. Yucky doesn't even begin to describe it.

But rest assured, Noah is doing well. The Lord continues to bless him and sustain him and give him the strength he needs to overcome all he's been called to endure. He is such a little fighter!

Thank you for all of your support and prayers.


  1. Yay for suction! Hopefully he fully recovers quickly! I'm so happy you're at home :)

  2. I'm glad to see he is home & doing better. Continued thoughts & prayers!

  3. Just checking in to see how things are going now that you have been home for a couple of days.
    I can only imagine the junk you were able to suction out. EEKKSS.
    One time Hope sneezed while she was in the car on the way to the Dr's. When I got her out of the car, there lying on her chest was the biggest BOOGIE I have EVER seen. She blew it past you oxygen cantula. I scooped it up and took it in to the Dr's. . .and they were even impressed.


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