Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Baby is a Junkie

Since Noah was on a vent for almost the first two months of his life, he never got to taste anything. When he was allowed to eat, it was through a feeding tube. So the only thing he ever tasted was Nystatin. They give it to him to prevent Thrush and he had to stay on it for a month post transplant too. Well... it just so happens that every baby HATES it but wouldn't you know, Noah LOVES it. But, who can blame him when it's the only thing he got to taste.

Well, while trying to get Noah to suck on a bottle we discovered that he would but only if we put some Nystatin in his mouth first. Then he would suck on anything. A bottle, a Paci, yes... that too... ANYTHING. So we kept using it even past the cut off date trying to get him to eat. Well... I kept trying to stop using it and he was too smart for that. He knew what he wanted and wouldn't give up till he got it. So I decided to make some sugar water and see if I could switch him to that. For a few days I did both Nystatin and then Sugar water and back and forth. Then I stopped the Nystatin completely. He hasn't used it in over a week. Good right? Well, yes... but then we now have the problem of the Sugar Water. The little Bug loves it so much that he uses more of it then he ever did the Nystatin. He is actually smart enough to spit out his Paci and then not let me put it back in his mouth until I give him a shot (a small drop with a syringe). Now, I realize that I am helping perpetuate the problem since I keep giving it to him. But I figure he's been through a lot and he deserves a little comfort and a treat to help make up for it. But sooner or later he needs to stop. I don't want him to get diabetes or something. Or rot his teeth when they finally come in. But for now.... I have to accept that Noah is a Junkie. But I guess after all the pain meds and sedation he has been on for so long, he could be addicted to much worse. I can't really complain about Sugar water..... until he spits out his paci in 2 minutes wanting another shot. *sigh*

P.S. But you just have to see him after he's been sucking on his paci for a while. His whole face is covered in Sugar Water. It's so cute! Since the Neoral (his main anti rejection med) causes hair growth, he has a little mustace and chin hair and it just gets stuck to his face and covered in dried sugar. Makes for VERY sweet kisses.


  1. How completely funny! Gus was addicted to this wonderful stuff called Sweet Ez...the nurses were told not to use it anymore but we were able to get a small little stash for him...I swear I think he started salivating when he saw the little container! lol!!

    Little Junkie...and he has a little moustache??? That's hilariously cute!!

    We're continuing to pray for each of you...even though I have been stinky at keeping the Gus' Gang blog updated, I am telling my prayer partners and I can't wait to share about the cath cool!

  2. Crystal, You seriously make me laugh! I can't wait to see your lil man (literally with the mustache etc) SO CUTE! We're praying for your quick return home! Love, Jen

  3. Its funny what we do for our sick kids. Ty gets whatever he will eat. I am sure that will bite us in the butt. But he gets soda, sugar, candy. Its so hard to think anything other than sick preemie baby... But he isn't ...

    Good luck

  4. Hi, Crystal
    We just got home from SLC and loved visiting with Ann and Pearlene and Bill's siblings. We are so relieved with Ann's progress and were very happy to see that things are going well for Noah. We think of you so often and send our love.

    Aunt Marilyn & Uncle Bill


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