Friday, August 24, 2007

A Sore Bum

Noah is doing so much better. After clinic yesterday I went back to the hospital to drop off more stool samples (trying to figure out the diareah thing). I ran into the Cardiologist and mentioned how he just keeps crying and crying and it's not like him. I also mentioned the labored breathing. We determined that its his bum that's hurting him so bad. It looks like 2 open wounded sores on his bum. They bleed and are so raw. He decided to call me in an Rx for a numbing cream and it has worked WONDERS! He's back to being precious and happy. Progress, Progress, Progress.....

Now Lilly is another story. She is going through some MAJOR separation anxiety. Every time I try to put her in her packnplay to sleep so starts screaming this terrified scream and holds on to me for dear life. Then if I try to have her sleep in my bed, she stays up all night trying to play, and giving me kisses, and patting my cheeks. She is such a sweetheart but we both need to sleep! I got a fold out bed and I'm going to try having her sleep on that so we can lay by her until she falls asleep. It goes against everything I worked for up toward now with her sleeping habits, but at this point I don't see much choice. I hope she overcomes this and can get back to her old self once we go home. Only time will tell.


  1. I'm glad you've found something that's helping Noah's bum. Hopefully they come back with the results on his tests soon! As for Lilly, I hope you can get it so you and her can sleep no matter what you have to do. Dont WORRY about going against what you've done so far. You're in a special situation and gotta do whats necessary to get sleep and keep your sanity! you're all still in our prayers daily!! love, jen

  2. Kayden had HORRIBLE diahrea after his transplant and a HORRIBLE diaper rash. One of the side effects of cellcept is diahrea and I think it has really bad acid along with it (we still suffer every so often with it and he is only on prograf and cellcept). He was on cellcept along with prevacid and both of them had the same side effects. We took him off of prevacid and he did much better, but I think that the cellcept does cause some problems.


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