Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Physical Therapy

Today Noah had his first out-patient PT appointment. He's doing great! The Therapist said he's already made a lot of progress since he was released. He will be going every week and he also starts Feeding Therapy (Occupational or OT) on Friday. And Lilly gets to go to since she has never finished her OT since I ended up getting sick (I was pregnant) and then she got sick (the nasty Roto incident) and then we came here. The Childrens Hospital was so wonderful to work with her too.

Tomorrow is our 3rd clinic visit. He will have an EKG and Echo again along with a physical eval. I think everything will be fine. Since I stopped fortifying his feed and then gave him some benadryl to rest he has been back to his old self. Mr. Happy Noah. Now the only concern will be how to get him the extra calories without the formula.... and can I continue to pump long enough (not that I don't have a TON of milk. I just have no place to store it. RMH doesn't have enough freezer space.)

So, until tomorrow.... I'll let you all know how the visit turns out.


  1. What were you supplementing the milk with. I am sure that you know about polycose but it may be an option since it is just calories and nothing else and it has no taste. Talk to your dietician and doctors and see what they think. Good luck with all the other therapies. Fun stuff!

  2. I Love reading good news!!!! I'm HAPPY Noah's doing so well. Let us know how everything goes today. Love, Jen

  3. Crystal,

    I am so glad that Noah has been released to the RMD house with you! I am praying that this time he will not have to be re-admitted!!! Good luck with the long list of meds..I know that I will be doing the same thing for Beckham.

    Oh, I understand the feeling of a TON of milk!! Pumping has become my best friend also.

    Good luck with everything. We pray for your family constantly, and are so glad that we know you. You have helped more than you will ever know!

    -Kim Scadlock

  4. Noah looks wonderful!I am so glad things are going well!
    Before you know it little Noah and Beckham will taking home all the medals at the U.S.Transplant Games!

  5. This is great news we will continue to pray everyday that he gets better and better. You all deserve more smiles! Lots of love and prayers. Brandy and Family


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