Saturday, August 18, 2007

Noah was Released.... again!!!

That's right, Noah was released from the hospital last Thursday! (Sorry I haven't updated everyone yet. Shane has been here and it's very hard to have time for the computer when I would rather be spending time with him.)

I will update more details on Monday, but rest assured he is doing MUCH better than he was last time he was released. He has his clinic on Monday and we'll find out then exactly how well he's doing.... so I will let you know.

Two Extra Happy Updates:
Baby Beckham got a new heart!!! He received his transplant on Thursday and the last update said he was doing well. Check out his website for updates (the link is to the left, I'm too lazy to insert it here right now)

My wonderful friend Jen had her baby!! Everything went well and both Mom and Baby are healthy. Brennon Park Tippets was born August 14th. I'll post pictures soon.


  1. YAY!! YAY AND YAY.. How exciting. I am happy for all three. POST PICTURES DANG IT !!

  2. HOW WONDERFUL!!! I'm so happy that Noah was released and that it happened while Shane was out there visiting. I hope you're having a fun weekend together and enjoying family time!! We continue to keep you all in our prayers! I'm so happy to see baby Beckham already got a heart! So many miracles!! Love, Jen :)


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