Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Getting Ready to Leave

Today the Dr's told me they are getting ready to discharge Noah. As long as I am comfortable with it. I told them I was as long as he was well enough that we WOULDN'T BE COMING BACK!!!

He was a little pukey but that's probably because they are trying to quicken the pace of his feeds. He just needs to adjust. At least this time they will send me home with a pump so we can do them slow. He is still looking GREAT! He is such a ladies man. Everyone says they are his girlfriend and that he is their favorite patient. They even bring him into their nurses station and cuddle with him while they are charting. What a ladies man.

So there is a small chance he will go home Wednesday afternoon, but more likely it will be Thursday (and home means the RMH). There is still a lot to get worked out with the home hospice care and what not. But if I don't feel he's ready or I'm not comfortable with it yet, we will wait for Monday. So, I guess we'll see how I feel after his labs and chest x-ray come back tomorrow. (Wednesday as I am writing this late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning).

I'll keep you updated. But you just have to know... He is doing SO well. He looks SO healthy and is such a good baby. It just amazes me to think how sick he was and how close we came to losing him. And now... I think we are finally moving forward to the rest of a beautiful and blessed life.


  1. Congratulations Crystal and Shane,
    I am so happy for you all. AND thank you to all those who read your site and pray daily for Noah, Thank You, Thank You. God hears and answers our prayers and I am thankful to all who have called upon the Lord in your families behalf.

  2. Crystal
    You just made our morning! We are so excited for you and pray that all will go well. Noah will love hearing your voices and seeing your faces all day. I think this will help him move forward. Enjoy every moment. We will leave tomorrow morning to drive up north to visit Jari & family and Eric and family. Nothing like our kids.
    Love, Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Bill

  3. WAY TO GO!!!!!! Crystal I am so happy for you! All of my family has been and will continue to pray for all of you!!! Every good report we are thrilled for you. Take care of your selves. Love the Brandy and the whole Terry clan...

  4. I hope so. I think that is so exciting. YAY!!! And lets hope that you can get the eating thing down.

  5. Yahooo for you and Noah I am hoping and praying everything goes well this time.


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