Saturday, July 14, 2007

What Can I Say

The Drs and Transplant Coordinators can't tell you anything about a Donor Family. To respect privacy, they won't even tell us where Noah's new heart came from. All I've been able to determine was that it was about 2.5 hrs away and since most of the donor hearts here in Denver end up coming from Texas, I'm guessing probably Dallas.

Anyways, even though we don't know who our Donor Family is, we are allowed to write them a letter that the hospital can pass on to them. I've been thinking about doing this. The problem is I have no idea what to say. How can I express how sorry I am for their loss and still say how thankful I am for their decision to donate? "I'm sorry for your loss BUT...." ??? I guess I'm just worried that the words I write won't adequately express my feelings. I don't want to cause them any more pain but I want them to know what they mean to me.

I'm sure after several revisions (and who knows how many prayers) I'll come up with something that feels right.

Noah is still doing really well. He is staying stable on the CPAP and they were able to take out his groin IV line. If he continues to do well by Monday I'm hoping they will switch him to a regular nose cannula and then I can start holding him every day... And now that the vent tube is out I get to hear his little voice. It's so weak and horse but it's so cute. Who would have ever guessed I would be SO happy to hear my baby's sweet cries.

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  1. I remember that. I told them a little about Kayden and what he had gone through and how much he needed his kidney. I then told them that words can't express how grateful we were for the hard decision that they had to make at a difficult time. I also told them that even though I didn't know them, we would forever remember their sacrifice and hope that the legacy of their loved one lived on through Kayden. When I was in 6th grade I had a friend that died from diabetes and her family donated her organs. Her family gave us a book of things to remember her by and in that book their were some letter from people who were recipients of her organs. They expressed how grateful they were to the family and told them a little bit about them so that the family would know who it was that got the organ. When I wrote my letter I thought about what I would want to know about someone if I had been in their shoes. It is so hard to do, but once it is done you will be so glad. The words Thank You don't truly say how you feel and unless you have been in that situation it is hard to explain the feelings that you have.


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