Friday, July 13, 2007

No Vent!

That's right... Noah was taken off the ventilator today!

When we went to see him this morning he looked so good. I couldn't believe how much he had improved. He looked healthy... minus all the tubes and wires and things. He had his eyes open and would actually look at me again. The nurse had dressed him in a little hat and socks... he was so cute.

When I went back later in the afternoon the Dr had decided that since he was doing so good and respiratory trial (turning the vent off) went well that we would remove the vent tube. It was out within seconds and he did wonderful! He is transitionally on a machine call a c-pap (?). It's just a really big oxygen tube in his nose that forces oxygen into his nose. He'll be on that a few days and then move to just a regular nose cannula.

He's finally starting to make big improvements. Hopefully he stays on this upward trend and gets to come to the Ronald McDonald house with us VERY soon.


  1. YAY!!!! The first day off the vent and CPAP isnt to bad. I missed that day but I have pictures. I hope he comes home soon. We can't wait to meet little Noah.

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  2. He does look so much better! I am so happy for you and your husband and for little Noah. We will be praying that Noah continues to do well and that you are holding him in your arms at the RMH very soon!


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