Friday, June 29, 2007

Another visit to the Cath Lab

Yesterday Noah had to visit the Cath Lab again to have a hole in his heart stretched. The hole is between the left side and the right side of his heart. We all are born with one but it eventually closes. The Drs wanted to make his bigger to help relieve some of the pressure on the left side of his heart. When they went in, the Surgeon said his left ventricle is the largest he has ever seen in a baby this size. The pressure is building up so badly due to the small aorta that it's stretching it like a balloon.

If the procedure ends up helping his pressures they should be able to ween him off the vent soon. If he isn't able to be weened then thats a bad sign. The Dr said depending on how he does over the next few days will be a good sign if he will be able to survive until a donor heart is available. Thats scary for me because today he had a hard time. Every time I went to the Hospital, they ended up needing to bag him (help him breath) because he was so pissed off.

While they were in the cath lab the Dr also found that some of the veins going into his lung are really small. We are not sure if it's caused by the pressure from the enlarged heart or if they are truly stenostic (too small like his Aortic Valve). If its not caused from him heart thats very bad because there isn't much they can do to treat it and it usually doesn't have a good outcome in the long run. But he said not to even worry about that right now because there are much more important things to deal with at the moment. And we won't know for sure if the large heart is causing the problem until he gets a transplant.

Every day it seems it becomes more and more critical for him to get his new heart right away. I pray several times a day that if someone finds themselves in the worst situation imaginable that they will at least have the compassion to donate their organs to save someone elses baby... To save my baby.... and that Heavenly Father will bless them for their charity.


  1. I am so glad you all got to hold him finally. What a relief!! The three weeks we had to wait was HELL! We are praying for a organ and that the mom will be comforted in her time of need. We hope things get better. That blue bag... I have nightmares about that bag. I dont think you can honestly get it until you have seen it. He is looking good Crys!!

  2. I know what how you feel. Being in a situation were someone has to lose a loved in order for your loved one to live. It is difficult but when you are able to look back you will see the Lord's hand in everything that happens. Good Luck and we are thinking of you and wishing the best for you.

    Tammy Gale, Nancy Brown's sister

  3. We, as the Labrums, understand what it is like waiting and knowing that someone has to lose a child for your child to live. But like Tammy said, you will see the Lord's hand in everything. Tammy made a post about Kayden and his transplant and the donor, and it says that she thinks that they both knew each other in the pre-existence and they both agreed to what was going to happen. It might be hard to know that someone has to lose their child for yours to live, but it by far is the greatest gift that anyone could ever give! Good luck and I am always thinking of you and and your family!


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