Tuesday, June 21, 2011

He Did It!

I've been half-heartedly trying to potty train Noah for a while now. I never put much effort into it thought because no matter how many times we sat on the potty, he would never go. He never acted like he could feel the sensations. His therapists told me that kids with sensory issues tend to train later so this didn't surprise me much.

But for the last several months, every time I changed Noah's diaper, I would tell him that we don't pee or poo in our diapers. We go in the potty. Then I would ask him, "Noah, where do we go pee pee?" And he would always say "In the Potty!".

Well, the other day Noah came up to me and said (for the first time ever) he needed to go potty. So I took him to the bathroom and he sat down. And nothing happened. I decided to go ask Shane to come in and maybe he could "show" Noah how big boys use the potty but when I came back I found it wasn't necessary. He had gone pee pee in the potty for the first time EVER! I guess he just had a little stage fright with Mommy in the room.

We made such excitement over this. We jumped and clapped. We high-fived and danced. We ran outside to tell Daddy "I did it! I pee in the potty!".  Miracle One...Check!

Miracle Two? He has gone pee pee AND poo poo in the potty all on his own, EVER SINCE! I kid you not! He goes in and sits on the training potty and then dumps the pee pee in the big potty, ALL ON HIS OWN! When he needs to go poo poo, he sits down on the big potty and goes. It absolutely blows my mind. Uhm, hello? He went from ZERO, NADA, ZIP potty training progress to BAM! No accidents.

This is, most definitely, a tender mercy to weary mommy. It also gives me hope for all of the things to come in the future and what this kid is capable of.

It seems Noah just makes awesome leaps in developments around the time of his birthday. Last year, when he turned 3, he finally started talking a little bit. He would make sounds that were the beginning parts of words instead of just grunting and screaming. Since then, he's made tremendous progress. And, just recently, he did it again. With his 4th birthday, he potty trains and starts saying his first FULL words consistently without having to see me say it first.

It's just absolutely amazing.


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  1. How awesome! A little jealous :). We worked at it for quite sometime. But, it took Daddy's way to make it sink in. He always wants to "pee like Daddy!". Whatever works!


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