Friday, March 11, 2011

Mr. Magoo Update

Man, I love this little guy.

I look at him and I'm just amazed at how far he's come, the odds he's beaten. I'm so blessed to have him.

Noah's thing right now is all about kisses. He won't leave my side without giving me hugs and kisses a couple times then he blows me kisses as he walks away. When I'm in feeding the baby he will pop his head in and blow me kisses. Then, when Shane is at work he tells me over and over that he wants to give Dad a hug. "Da hu?" "Yes, you can give dad a hug when he gets home from work." "Hoe wor?" "Yes, when he gets home from work." "Yay!" Then he kisses my arm and blows m kisses as he runs off to play. This repeats about 60 times a day.

He also is getting more confident with talking. He may not be saying full words yet but he's trying to communicate and that's progress. This morning he started pointing to everything and telling me what it was. It went something like this...
"Yes, that's the table"
"That's the love sac but you can call it a bed."
"That's the couch."
"Yes, couch."
Pointing to the couch, "cow" and pointing to the other couch "Cow. Two cow.?"
"That's right buddy! Two couches! Good job!"

Then he counted the windows too. The other day he was counting in the car and he counted to 12 all by himself. He also knows his letters and the alphabet. When driving, he spells out the words he sees from the car. He doesn't know what they spell but he recognizes the letters. Last Sunday he shocked me by saying T..E...X..I...C...O... when we stopped near the gas station.

He's still working on his colors. He knows the color names but doesn't quite get the name for the right color. He loves to say yellow. It comes out like "yewweee". Too cute.

His tantrums are getting better. At least for me. He gets so excited playing with dad that he ends up having major breakdowns when play time ends or if he thinks Shane isn't paying him enough attention. Or heaven forbid Shane try to use the restroom and shut the door.

The other thing he does is ask me if we're going to the dr's every day. "We go da daa me?" Or if we are going to school or staying home. He's very interested in what we are doing.

He still couldn't survive without vanilla carnations but he is growing and getting bigger every day.

He has also started playing with Lilly and wanting to do everything she is doing. I wondered if that day would ever come and I'm so happy to see it here.

Yesterday Noah had an echo to check up on that precious heart of his. Its beating strong and looking healthy. And once again I'm reminded of the amazing gift that has been given to us. I hope his donor family knows how greatful we are.

This summer we will take a trip back to Denver for Noah to have a heart cath. They will take biopsies and make sure there is no rejection on a cellular level. I can't say I'm looking forward to that but the kids are excited to go to McDonalds work again (the Ronald McDonald House).

All in all.... I'm pleased with the progress Noah is making. I love his sweetness and adore his toothless smile and I always remember how lucky I am to have him one more day.


  1. I loved reading this! I'm glad Noah is thriving. :)

  2. cute cute cute!
    Love to hear the normal stuff - and it's just precious. give that boy lots of hugs!


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