Thursday, June 4, 2009

Clinic Check Up

Noah had his first clinic appointment in 4 months today. He passed with flying colors.

Everyone was pleasantly surprised at how good he looks. His hair stealing the show as usual though.

When we got to Primary Children's Hospital Noah seemed to get a little anxious as we walked in. All it took was walking past the lab to start the melt down. This continued on for some time but luckily he calmed down enough while looking at pictures on my BlackBerry for him to get a good echo done. Probably his best in a while since he's cried through the last few I remember.

The echo results looked good, his Dr check up looked good, and we'll send his labs to Denver on Monday. So we are set for another 4 months. Except we'll cut it short and make our trip to Denver in August for his Cath.

So, just a quick update. But I thought I would pass along the good clinic news.


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