Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Different Perspective

Where am I?

Oh, I'm in my dumb crib. I remember now. Mom put me here last night. Man, I still don't want to be here. Maybe if I scream she'll get me out this time.


Ah, there she is. Hi, mommy! Come here, let me give you kisses... Oh, sorry. I know it hurts when I bite your lip. I just can't help myself.

So, what's for breakfast. I want it now.


Didn't work. Let's try again.


There it is.

No! Wait! I don't want this! What is she thinking? I want the yellow cheesy noodles. Maybe if I throw it I'll get my cheese.

YES! That one went far! Oh, and check that out! That one is sticking to the wall. Oh, wait. Mommy doesn't look very happy.

"All Done!"

Why isn't she getting me cheesy noodles? No! I don't want to get down.


Why are you taking me out of the kitchen? I want cheesy noodles!


Now is my chance. Mommy isn't looking. Okay, here is the cabinet. Oh, looky here. I remember this box. I think there is some yummy stuff in here.

Oops. Mommy isn't going to be happy that I spilled these chocolate balls all over the floor again.

HEY! Don't take them away! These are fun!


Don't make me go in the other room again! I want to be in the kitchen!

Oh, I wonder what's behind this door? Oh, bowls! FUN!

No, no, no!!! I want the bowls!


Man, mommy is no fun. Maybe I should warm her up with a kiss.

Oops! I didn't mean to bite again. Sorry mom.

Well... let's go see what Lilly is doing.

Ahh... a movie! I sure like standing right in front of the TV. Oh, and look at all these buttons. I wonder what this one does.

What? What did I do? Hey, where did the movie go?

No, Mom! Don't make me move! I wanted to be right there!!!


Hey, why is Lilly is the bathroom? I want to be in the bathroom. Maybe there is water in the tub! I love the water. I think I'll go check it out. Hey... let me in there!! I know you're hiding the water from me!!


Fine, let's go see if mommy was smart enough to turn on Signing Time for me. Oh, good Mommy. Oh... I love Rachel. Look at all those fun signs I could use. By why? Mommy sure seems to get excited when I yell. Oh, yelling is fun.


YAY! Mommy came to watch Signing Time with me! Come here mom, let me give you a kiss.


(The first hour of Noah's day, from Noah's perspective, as told my Noah's mommy)


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