Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Few Things New

A few quick updates:

Alan is doing better. He was weened off ECMO this morning and they hope to close up his chest tomorrow. (Please keep those prayers coming)

Noah is finally over the stomach bug and the associated few days of puking. He also now has a mouth full of teeth. They all just started popping in (even the molars). He keeps sticking his fingers in my mouth to see my teeth. I wonder where he learned that from? lol

He also got his very first at home clipper hair cut yesterday. His hair was SO long and unruly. So I bought some clippers and now it's short. It looks SO cute and he kinda resembles a little Glen Beck in a way. I have pictures so as soon as I can I'll post some.

He is also crawling and pulling to stand. I put shoes on him one day and he could do his little Terminator inspired pull so he got up and crawled.

Early Intervention now comes twice a month. His therapist is awesome. Which is so good because I hated to say good bye to his former OT, Sandy. But insurance was being a total... well I will refrain from sharing how I really feel. They were just being stinkers when it came to keeping their word.

So... more to come later. All is well here on the home front though.

Please remember to pray for Alan's healing and that Mia will get her heart soon.

Much Love!!

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  1. Buried down deep in your posts, you might not see this little note, but I couldn't help but express what a neat visit here I have had today.

    I appreciate your upbeat vibe and all that your posts entail.

    It is wonderful to see awareness expressed through personal experiences.

    Though, Ethan didn't have a transplant, we did do ECMO for seventeen days, and he was a sick little boy for a very long time.

    My husband's brother received a transplant.

    We live in times of great knowledge, and I think it is a wonderful thing for you to share your personal experience with us, and help us be aware of such miracles.

    I appreciate that-

    Thank you-


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