Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Best Childrens Hospitals 2008

I just found out that this link shows the ranking for heart and heart surgeries but this does NOT include TRANSPLANTS and transplant related care. So this is great info for CHDs but for those like Noah (Beckham!!) you don't want to go off of these stats for your care. Very good to know.

For all of our Heart and Heart Transplant friends, I thought you would find this link very interesting.

The Best Children Hospitals 2008: Heart and Heart Surgeries


  1. I came across your blog on Livin' With Me... First off I have to say reading your blog brought many, many tears to my eyes. Your son is absolutly adorable and his story is amazing. I have two children of my own (a 20 month old son and a 4 month old daughter) and for the life of me I can't even imagine what your family has gone through. I don't know anyone personally who has ever had to have a heart transplant - but my sister had twin boys 11 years ago and one on them was born with a hole in his heart - he had to have open heart surgery to have it repaired and I remember being scared of the outcome. He is just fine today - still a slight murmer though. I would love to keep up with your little and the rest of the updates on your blog!! I am SO excited for your family that you will be celebrating your sons FIRST birthday this week - what a major milestone!! Enyoy and cherish the day -

    Amanda @

  2. that is interesting especially knowing what GREAT care you were in in Denver! They should be ranked #1!!!

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  4. I am so glad that you put this on your blog. I immediately called Nate over to look at it. It will help a lot when we are choosing where to move next for his schooling (good thing Primary's is on there!) I wish Iowa was on there because they are #1 to me for all that they did for Beck.

    P.S - I will be fasting and praying for little Noah with his cath lab. I know how scared you must be. I hate the thought of cath lab!!! Please keep me posted.


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