Sunday, May 18, 2008

Still Waiting and The Sickies

Noah got his Cylco level checked last Thursday. We still haven't gotten the results back. I'm hoping the are within range.

He is also still sick. He has the nastiest runny nose and a cough. It just won't go away. It's either a virus he can't shake or his allergies and asthma. I think it's a virus. But I'm getting really sick of boogers.


  1. Guess what, Kaidence is sick with the exact same thing. We have also been trying to figure out if it is a cold or her allergies. Both the boys have asthmsa and we have been wondering if she does as well. Noah and Kaidence could get together to do breathing treatments. To add to it I had also taken her off her Prevacid and she started throwing up. At first we weren't sure if it was part of the viral thing or just being off the medication. I hope that Noah starts getting better soon. Kaidence in the last day has started to turn around for the better. Hope that you have a great week and maybe I will see you soon at the hospital. Let me know if you need anything.

  2. I hear you about being sick of boogers. Beck has had a snotty nose for three weeks and his little nose is so raw. Poor guy! At least this week it turned clear. I hate seeing our little kiddos sick.

    I love the idea of getting our boys pictures taken by your cousin!! I can't wait to see you all. We are planning on leaving the night of July 10th and returning July 26th or something along those lines. Let me know what works with your schedule. Yeah that we can finally meet!


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