Tuesday, April 8, 2008

When I Became A Heart Mother

If you have read Noah's Adventure before, then you know how much I LOVE this poem. I love it so much I have it posted in the side bar so I can read it every time I come to look at the pictures of my sweet Little Man (yes, I visit my own blog to see pictures of my own kids and I am not ashamed).

When I first read this poem (I found it on a random heart blog that I can't even remember and it didn't have an author listed so of course I "borrowed" it) my heart lept from my chest. I know that may sound a bit dramatic but it was as if someone had looked into my soul and felt my pain and my joy and wrote it in words in a way I was too desperate to adequately express. Even how it says another heart baby earned her angel wings... and I ran to my baby's side... I remember the day Onyx was healed in heaven and how I sat near Noah's side in the ICU and cried. I just held his little hand...... (is it possible for a memory to break your heart all over again?????)

Anyways, this poem was the written expression of my soul at that time. I always wished I could find the author and thank them for sharing such a beautiful thing.... instead, she found me.

The other day I received a post from Stephanie Husted. Her son Braeden was born with HLHS and is now doing well post Fontan. She wrote this poem on Mother's Day 2005. How it became loose on the Internet and then found its way into MY heart only God knows... but I do believe it was inspired. And I want to publicly THANK her for sharing her wonderful talent.

You may read this and think I'm making a big deal out of a small thing... but until you have been there you will never know how finding an expression for such a feeling really is a big thing. So thank you Stephanie. And many prayers and blessings to you and your family and your precious Braeden.

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