Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A PooPoo Update

Today, when I changed Noah's diaper, it had mucous and curds that were not very colorful. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE??? He had an abdominal ultrasound on Friday and there were NO blockages!

Good Grief Child!!

I love you so much but you are such a mystery!!


  1. Don't know if this helps, but Beckham has had blue (seriously) poop for over a month. His nurse did not believe me so I saved a diaper and she was shocked when I showed it to her. His transplant coordinator called the pharmacy to see if his meds were causing it but they were not. We are still not sure what it is. It might be c-diff or something else, but we are not sure. Beck also has mucus in his poop as well. Nasty!!
    What is up with our kiddos? Poor little guys!

  2. We usually get the mucous and weird looking stuff when there is a little stomach bug. It happened more right after transplant, but now it seems to not happen as often. Good Luck.

  3. Also, we have had fluorescent green poop, literally, and I was told that is only because it was going right through him and his stomach did not have time to digest his food.


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