Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Something Was Off

Shane saw it too. Even though Noah should have been getting better, he seemed to be getting worse in some ways. Something wasn't right. As a Heart Mommy (or more specifically, a Transplant Mommy) you can imagine what thoughts race through your head. The Big Naughty "R" word!!

Luckily we had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Samson-Fang yesterday. She wanted to see him after being released from the hospital. Here is what we found:

While the suction is keeping his nose clear and for the most part that is cleared up, his lungs still sound bad. The wheezing is worse and he still needs the O2 at night. So we did the nebulizer (a breathing treatment) and it seemed to help a tiny bit so we have started his Albuterol inhaler again in addition to the steroid inhaler. Hopefully his lungs will get better.

We also found that since he had been released from the Hospital 4 days earlier, he had developed 2 very nasty ear infection. One ear has lots of puss and is really red, the other has a retracted ear drum and has fluid behind it. So he's now on an antibiotic which hopefully will clear things up fast.

Dr. Samson-Fang asked me if he had a fever at all. But he hasn't. Then last night I realized of course he hasn't had a fever. You get a fever when your immune system is fighting off an infection. If you don't have an immune system... you probably won't be having a fever either.

Anyways... the Tylenol is helping and he is also getting numbing ear drops so we can make sure his behavior returns to normal (to help rule out rejection). And I think all is well. We do have another Cardiology appointment on Thursday to check meds and have an echo. So we can make sure everything is ok then.

I don't want to jinx us... but I think we are all finally on the mend from this nasty RSV virus!


  1. I really hope you all are on the mend!!!!

  2. Keeping you and Noah in my thoughts and prayers that his ear infections clear up soon.


  3. When, oh when, will it ever slow down for you my friend?


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