Tuesday, January 15, 2008


My cousin (actually my mothers cousin) is a truly gifted photographer. THANK YOU Angie for capturing the sweetness of my precious babies.

Check out some more of the pictures here.

*Courtesy of Sweet Memory Garden


  1. They turned out WONDERFUL! You're kids are adorable!

  2. Crystal,
    I've checked your blog off and on since I got Noah's birth announcement. You and Shane are truly amazing. I need to get over there and visit you, but my 3 kids have all had colds off and on and I don't want to bring anything over there. Please forgive me for being a terrible visiting teacher. You are still in my prayers. I'll get in touch soon. We also have a blog if you ever have time. robertsfam-dt.blogspot.com
    Love, Tricia Roberts

  3. So adorable and perfect!
    My SIL checked out her page, but said that the wedding package stuff was like $5,000. Yikes!

  4. Those are amazing! Noah is getting so big, and I LOVE the one where he is crooked. Sooooo dang cute!!

    Many hugs to you guys!!


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