Tuesday, December 4, 2007

And So It Must Be Done

Noah's surgery is scheduled for Monday the 10th. He is going to have his Gall Bladder removed, his Appendix removed, and he will be circumcised. I don't know what time he goes in, I'll find that out Friday afternoon but they will be keeping him in the outpatient post-op recovery area over night for observation.

Then... after all the hassle of trying to get his stupid Synergis shot, I finally put the smack down on the Insurance Mail-Order Pharmacy that we have to go through to get it and it's being overnighted. So he will be able to get it on Friday before his Surgery.

Also, it seems the new non-dairy/non-soy formula is helping. His poop seems more normal. It's not as gooey (yes, gooey) and where before the smell was horrible enough I would actually gag (and I NEVER gag) it now barely smells at all. Dr. Samson-Fang said it doesn't necessarily mean he's allergic to dairy. It could just be his villi are still damaged (after the C. Diff and diareah, etc) and he's just temporarily lactose intolerant. So we are going to keep him on it a month and then once he's better post surgery, try the regular formula again. If it turns out he does have an allergy, she said not to worry as most kids out grow it by the age of two.

Tomorrow we meet with the Urologist to have his possible hydrocele looked at and determine if we need to investigate Kidney Reflux.

So... we are making progress and only 27 more days until the hectic year of 2007 is over!!


  1. You're all in our prayers everyday! We love you! Gary, Jen, Kya and Brennon

  2. Sorry he has to have surgery. Prayers for all to go well.

  3. I am sorry to hear that surgery is a must, but know that you are in the hands of a wonderful surgeon. Dr. Doweny does not do things lightly and will only do it if the kiddo is healthy enough or if they will not do well in the long term without it. Without him Arianna would have suffered and who knows what else. You will be in our prayers.

  4. Just read about Noah's upcoming surgery. He will certainly be in our prayers. We think of you so often. We just had a wonderful reunion with all our kids and most of the grands. Uncle Bill turned 80 and they celebrated royally for their Dad and Grandpa. Keep your chins up and hug Noah and Lily for us.
    Love, Uncle Bill and Aunt Marilyn

  5. I bet the lactose intollerance is from being sick. That is what happened to my son this summer. It was the weirdest thing, but as I recall it only lasted a month or so once I quite giving it to him.
    Best of luck with the surgereis on monday. I hope he will be feeling better!
    Melissa Andrew
    Intermountain Healing Hearts

  6. Well, I think we all know that some years are not created equal and are down right terrible. 2007 will certainly go down in infamy!
    I love you, Mom

  7. We are praying for you and your family!

  8. Will you let me know what you find out about the kidney reflux? My mommy alarm is going off and I just cant put my finger on what to do about it. I took Thatcher to the gastrointerologist and we put him on Prevacid and gave me a script for Levsin but I have not filled that yet. Something is just not right with him and I dont feel as though my pediatrician is listening. Thanks!


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