Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What's Liver Got To Do With It?

Noah is still sick. His liver enzymes are double and that along with the white stools, pain, and not absorbing nutrients, oh and I can forget the rash, they figure something is obviously wrong. Could be minor, could be serious. We spent all day at the hospital yesterday and going again today for more tests and lab work. He was almost admitted to the hospital last night but they decided to wait until after todays tests since he seemed stable enough. He's been taken off all formula and can only have pedialite right now. He doesn't seem to mind. I never knew the kid could drink so much. He LOVES is (Lilly hated it). But he had already lost some weight and he'll continue to lose with the Pedialite but I guess if he's not absorbing nutrients anyways its sixes.

I'm typing this on my phone while at the Doctors so as soon as I know more I will update. I'm just praying the figure it out and it turns out to be something minor and he doesn't have to be readmitted.

Oh one last thing... his echo's look great so it isn't related to his heart and so far hasn't caused any problems in that area.


  1. Please let us know! I hope nothing new is going on.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers and I hope that things slow down for you soon.

  2. Crystal,
    We're praying for little Noah! I can't believe he may have gallstones! Poor little guy!! I had them a few years back as you know and they are totally painful. I just feel so bad. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me help you in any way I can. I can take Lilly or whatever you need. We love you all! Love, Jen


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