Saturday, October 13, 2007

Some New Pictures

Noah and Daddy two weeks ago. Noah rolling over... I guess he really wanted that Sugar Shot.

Noah and Daddy on Daddy's Birthday (the 11th). Noah two weeks ago with his new blankey... he loves this thing.


  1. He is a cutie Crys.. And I can tell Dad doesn't LOVE him :) I was looking at Lily on the flikr. I think you can tell her and Tyler are related. How cute is she. Wish we were able to me noah but till then.. we think of you daily

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  3. What an absolute doll! He looks so perfect and so would never know the fight he has fought.
    I would love to just hold him and hold him.
    (wow...someone is baby hungry)


  4. Wow...this is awesome!! I am so happy that he is eating, rolling over and reaching for toys. He is like a normal baby (that is my favorite way to refer to Beckham). Oh did I mention that he is STINKING CUTE!!

    We will keep praying that everything keeps getting better and that you all can finally go home.


  5. Could he get any cuter? I love that hair! Oh my.I can't wait!

  6. oh my goodness!! Taht rolling over photo...I just want to scoop him up an squeeze him!! What a doll!


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