Sunday, October 7, 2007

No NG Tube

Noah took out his NG tube Friday afternoon (he must have known I was going to do it anyways). I haven't put it back in. He's eating and taking his meds (with a little trickery). I guess we'll see how well he's doing on Monday when we weigh him.

Unfortunately, I think he might be aspirating (but his reflux is gone... went the way of the NG). So, we'll see what happens with the swallow study and then we can decide what if anything needs to be done....

But can I just say... He is one cute baby! And even cuter with one less tube.

I'll post more pictures soon.


  1. I'm glad the decision was made for you! :)

  2. My baby, Harbor was a mech aspiration baby and ended up on ECMO. I wrote this for him but thought you would understand it. Our blog is at . Love to you as you walk the breathless walk of a sick baby- may God give you strength and wisdom in every circumstance.

    You were born with wings
    wrapped translucent
    around your naked skin
    waiting to unfurl-
    to fly away
    though we ached to have you stay.

    You were born with wings
    so we tethered you with tubes
    IV's and ventilators
    NG tubes and oxygen
    labwork and broviacs
    surgeries and suctioning
    and finally blood...
    so much blood.

    You were born with wings
    and we tried to tear them off
    watching in horror
    the times they opened wide-
    holding tiny hands
    as though we held your soul
    sitting at your side.

    You were born with wings
    but at last you grew strong
    and when your wings slipped off,
    they whispered to the ground
    in a pile of cloudy x-rays,
    and we found
    it wasn't lines that kept you,
    but the hand of God himself.


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